U7 - U12 Academy Program

How To Develop?

How do you raise the national standard of players graduating to play for the Socceroo’s or the Brisbane Roar?

The key is to start young and ensure the base of the skill pyramid is learned well. It’s very hard to adjust or fix techniques learned poorly in junior football, therefore it is imperative that skills are learned and developed in the right environment.

U8 - U12 is part of the so called ‘golden age of motor learning’. In this period before entering the growing spurt that goes hand in hand with puberty, children are well balanced and coordinated. This makes them very adaptive to developing motor skills (techniques) especially since this also is the brain’s key development period. 

In no other development phase in life will motor learning happen faster than here.As a logical consequence of the above it makes sense that we make optimal use of this period to lay a sustainable technical foundation.  Therefore it’s extremely important that we have qualified professional coaches working with players showing promise at those age categories.

The Academy Program has been put in place at Virginia United FC to help guide player development.

Who Is The Academy For?

The Junior Academy Football Program (JAFP) is available in the U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 & U12 age categories for each season. Academy teams are VUFC teams that play in the strongest local junior competition available.They are constructed to; provide promising junior players access to well qualified coaching, a challenging training environment with other promising junior players and strong opposition each week.
Playing in the Academy program at Virginia provides an environment to develop FFA target cores skills set out in the National Curriculum.
Players interested in joining the Academy Program should contact Academy Director Dan Medhurst (danmedhurst.vufc@gmail.com). Players are selected at U8, U9 & U10 through trials held in November and in late January or by scoring highly in the clubs yearly junior skills assessment ‘isoccer’. This is conducted in Feb and all interested players must attend so that they can be assessed.

Players should trial for the program if:
They consistently show above average football abilities on a consistent basis in games and training.
Are willing to listen and learn in the training environment.
Have an interest in developing and being placed in a challenging environment.
Please note that this program is not beneficial for all players. Please consider the above points before registering your child for a trial.

Each Academy squad at U8 and U9 has a maximum of 10 players while U10, U11 and U12 squads have a maximum of 13 players.
Any players deemed not quite ready to play academy football will be placed in one of the clubs many age group teams. 


Teams are coached by well qualified paid staff. Each coach works within the overall academy training schedule to provide consistent and challenging sessions each week. All coaches are experienced skill acquisition coaches and are instructed to coach only elements set out by FFA / FQ.
The goal is to create technically robust players with an eye on making BYPL / NPL or State representative football in U13. 


Players are asked to pay an additional fee on top of their regular registration fee. This purely covers the coach assigned to the team. Parents are made aware of the cost in advance and are estimated to be around $220 for the season. 

Selection / Trial

The club has Academy Squads in the BOYS U8 / U9 / U10 / U11 & U12 age groups. It also has Academy Squads for GIRLS in U10 & U12 age groups.


The club will also have a Talent ID squad for U7 players.


Trial Information below:

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Looking for an elite pathway to the top? Virginia United FC's Junior Academy is a great way to start! Our Academy has a fantastic reputation in the region with each team having a well qualified and experienced coach to guide them through the FFA National Curriculum. 

BOYS Trial Dates:
U7, Wednesday Nov 29 (5pm) & Wednesday Jan 17 (5pm)
U8, Thursday Nov 30 (5pm) & Wednesday Jan 17th (5pm)
U9, Friday Dec 1 (5pm) & Thursday Jan 18th (5pm)
U10, Wednesday Nov 29 (6pm) & Tuesday Jan 16 (6pm)
U11, Thursday Nov 30  (6pm) & Wednesday Jan 17 (6pm)
U12, Friday Dec 1 (6pm) & Wednesday Jan 18th (6pm)

You must register to trial in advance. Please use the <REGISTRATIONLINK>

BOYS - Email danmedhurst.vufc@gmail.com

Screen  Shot 2017- 08- 01 at 2. 48. 22 PM

Our girls pathway looks to equip our juniors with all the skill and tactical knowledge required to eventually represent the club in the Women's Premier League. 

GIRLS Trial Dates:

U10 & U12, Wednesday, December 6 (5pm) & Wednesday, January 24 (5pm).

You must register to trial in advance. Please use the <REGISTRATIONLINK>

GIRLS -  Email: hof@virginiaunitedfc.com.au


Keep your skills finely tuned through the off season. These sessions will cover ball mastery and focus on key positions on the pitch. Coaches will focus on players weaknesses and help them become a better all rounded player through the off season.

The sessions will also include healthy eating habits and injury prevention methods for all players to use.

*Players must have been part of an Academy 2017 Squad or have received an invite from club Academy Director

U8 - U11 Academy Session
Term 4
Start Date
12 Oct
Finish Date
30 Nov
Class Times
1 Hour
Albert Bishop Park

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