Adult Mixed 5 A-Side

2017 Brings a new format to our Summer Comp. This year the VUFC will be offering opportunities to participate in the club 5 a-side competition throughout October and November.

Players can make their own teams of VUFC mates or players from outside the club. Team names are asked to be picked from the European Champions League.


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Competition Dates

ADULT MIXED SOCIAL competition starts October 11 and continue to November 8 (Grand Final Night)

> Each competition will play a minimum of 9 fixtures
> Each team will play 2 fixtures per night over the first 4 weeks of the competition then 1 fixture on Grand Final Night



Adult Mixed Social - 6:30pm, 7:15pm & 8:00pm


All teams registering in the Open Men, Mens +35's or Adult Mixed Social competitions: $750 (unlimited players / 7-8 players recommended) 





1a Players can be male or female

1b Players must be medically fit and able to compete. 

1c Players must be U16+ to participate.

1d Players must not be currently banned from competing in Football Brisbane sanctioned competitions. 


Start and End of Match 


1a Play is started by the referees whistle. The kick off is taken by the designated home team from the centre spot. The opposition must be 4m or more away from the ball.

1b Restarts after goals are taken by the team whom just conceded from the centre spot.

1c Game duration 40 mins straight through. There is no half time break.

1d Where applicable, the referees whistle overrules the hooter. 

1e There shall be 10 players maximum per squad. 

1f: 5 players on the field at one time.

1g. 2 players on field must be female at all times



Guest players ‘Ringers’


2a No guest players are eligible, only players included in the teams roster can play.

2b Players can only be included in one teams roster and only represent that team in the competition.  

2c Teams found to be using ‘ringers’ or players not fully paid or not included on their roster will be sanctioned. 

Taking Penalty Kicks

3a In the event of a penalty being awarded, time shall be added at the end of either half to allow for the kick to be taken.
3b The keeper must remain on his line.
3c It is the responsibility of teams to clarify to the referee who is taking the penalty kick. Teams will be penalised and the penalty disallowed if the referee feels the goalkeeper was placed at a disadvantage by the opposing teams not making it clear who was taking the penalty kick.
3d In the absence of a penalty spot being visible, the penalty kick shall be taken 2m back from the edge of the area. 

The Goalkeeper / The Dome – 

4a The goalie must wear a bid or jersey that makes him / her easily recognisable.

4b The goalie can only use his / her hands inside the goalie dome.
4c The goalie may leave the dome.

4f If a team makes a change of goalkeeper during the match then the referee must be notified before the change is made.
4g If an attacker kicks the ball near the dome the action of the kick must have started and finished outside the area, however the momentum of the kick is allowed to travel in the area as long as this doesn’t interfere with the goalie.
4h Attacking players may also enter the opposing area through momentum only however, the referee shall be the sole judge of momentum and the attacker should make every reasonable effort not to enter the area.
4i No player shall be penalised if, through no fault of their own, they enter the area when they have made a reasonable attempt not to enter the area. This particularly applies to attacking players who may push defending players into the area.
4j In all matters relating to the area the overriding rule should be that, with discretions, the ball should not have been played in the area. Discretions apply to momentum only.
4k The goalkeeper may not kick the ball from hands. He / she may only throw, roll or kick from the floor. If the goalkeeper does kick the ball from hands, an direct free kick will be given, 4m outside the area.
4l Players who run through the area and in doing so gain an advantage, will be penalised. 

Backpasses - 

5a When an outfield player receives the ball from the goalkeeper, the ball must be touched by another player before being passed back to the goalkeeper. A free kick is rewarded to the opposition for this infringement, from where the outfield player passed the ball (this rule only applies if the goalkeeper is inside the area.

5b The goalie can use his hands to pick up a backpass. 


6a Outfield players must wear the colour jersey designated to them by the organisers. 

6b Players may not play with hats, jewellery, or anything deemed by the referee as dangerous to other players. 

6c Players must wear shin pads. 


7a Teams are allowed four substitutes who must stand on the half way line.
7b More than one substitution is allowed at any one time.

7c Substitutes can only enter play when there is a break in play and the referee has signalled.
7d Substitutes are not allowed onto the playing area until the substitutes player has left. 

Free Kicks, Kick ins & Corners 

9a All free kicks, kick ins and corners are direct.
9b On all free kicks, players should be 4m from the ball. When a free kick is on the edge of the area, the ball should be played 4m back.
9c If a player refuses to retreat 4m from the free kick or, as the free kick is being taken extends any part of his body towards the ball which means that he is no longer 4m from the free kick then he shall be penalised (yellow card). The ball should be stationary before the free kick is taken. 

The 4m Rule 

10a If a player fails to retreat 4m or, the ball hits a player from the free kick who has not retreated 4m, or who has extended his leg towards the ball meaning that he is no longer two yards from the ball, then the referee shall move play forward 4m and allow the kick to be taken again.
10b Players that show dissent towards the referee or his decision at a free kick, will result in the kick being moved forward 4m.
10c The referee may move the kick forward at 4m intervals, however many times he wishes.
10d If by moving the ball forward 4m, the free kick then becomes within the area of the defending side, a penalty shall be awarded. 

General Rules 

11a If applicable, the referees scoring overrules the scoreboard.
11b The referee will be the sole judge of whether a tackle is dangerous or not in the best interests of the spirit of the game.
11c Teams must not alter or move equipment to gain an advantage.
11d Teams should play in their designated colour with the goalie wearing an alternate colour to distinguish himself / herself. Coloured bibs are provided.

11d.i If there is a clash in colour the team listed second on the fixture sheet must change colours.
11e Teams who arrive late for their kick off time may be subject to forfeiture of the match.
11f Teams / players are responsible for their equipment / belongings whilst taking part in the competition. We recommend all valuables are left in locked cars.

11i If a team fails to turn up for a scheduled fixture, they lose the fixture 5-0. 

11j Kick ins from the sidelines must be taken from where the ball exited the field, except when the ball crosses one of the bylines then a corner or goal kick is awarded. 

12k A goal is awarded when the whole ball is adjudged to have crossed the goal line.

ORDINARY CAUTION (YELLOW): 3 of these accumulated will lead to a one game ban.

ORDINARY DISMISSAL (2 YELLOWS same game): An emailed warning to improve future conduct. Sanctions / game ban dependent on the severity of the offence.

DISMISSAL (Straight Red) (includes dangerous play, sarcasm and swearing at official, denying a clear goal scoring opportunity): An emailed warning to improve future conduct. Sanctions / game ban dependent on the severity of the offence.

SERIOUS DISMISSAL (includes persistent verbal abuse towards official, blows exchanged between players or fighting): Expulsion from the tournament. 


13a If a player is dismissed then he should leave the pitch immediately. Failure to do so will result in the referee automatically awarding the match to his opponents. 


Time Wasting 

14a In small-sided football, officials are instructed to take a more active approach towards time wasting. A players deemed to be intentional and illegally time wasting will be warned and then yellow carded.

Penalties For Infringement Of The Rules 

1. Intentional handball (and the player gains an advantage by doing so).
2. A defender entering his or her own goalie dome.
3. Players time wasting
4. At a drop ball situation, a player does not allow the ball to touch the surface before striking it.
5. An attacker entering the opposition dome.
6. A player not retreating 4m from the ball or showing dissent (this may also result in a penalty, see earlier rules). 

7. Kicking the ball away. This may also result in the referee yellow carding the offending player.
8. A part of a players attire, or more particularly, his shoe, comes off during the course of the match (if the players shoe comes off then the referee should consider this a serious offence and this may warrant a yellow card. The referee should then instruct the player to tie up his shoelace, however, the match should continue. If a goal is scored by a player whose shoe comes off during the course of kicking the ball into the goal then the goal shall be disallowed and a direct free kick awarded to the opposition where the player kicks the ball from).
9. Fouls & Obstruction

1. Due to arguing with the referee a free kick is brought forward from its original position and now enters the goalie dome of the opposing team.
2. A defender enters his own area and by so doing gains an advantage.
3. A defender enters his own dome when he could reasonably have made an attempt not to encroach upon the dome. 


1. The referee may award a direct free kick or a penalty if a team plays with more than its allotted number of players on the pitch at any one time. The referee should award the free kick (if that is his choice) when the offence is spotted and where he spotted the offence.

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